Top 3 Most Beautiful Places In Thousand Oaks | Video Presentation

Ever wondered what the most beautiful sites in town are? American Luxury Limousine of T.O. has served Conejo Valley for 20 years, doing daily runs in and around the city.

3) Gardens of the World

Nearly 5 acres botanical wonders can be discovered immediately across Thousand Oaks Boulevard from the Civic Arts Plaza. Its five regional lawns represent flora from as far as Japan and Italy. Remember to check out their Courtyard for a unique opportunity to see copies of all remaining missions in the state!

2) Wildwood Park

As the largest recreational preserve in Thousand Oaks, let’s face it, this list could not have been completed without the mentioning of this beauty. Maybe not the most common destination for Thousand Oaks limousine services, nonetheless, a natural gem known for its extensive film history, breathtaking waterfall and well-kept trails. Did you know that John Wayne shot movies here?

1) Santa Monica’s

How about going horseback-riding in the mountains? Surrounded by thousands of oak trees in Newbury Park is where we find Circle K Horse Rental. Limousines have headed here for family outings as well as weddings and special events.

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