Top 3 Most Beautiful Places In Thousand Oaks | Video Presentation

Ever wondered what the most beautiful sites in town are? American Luxury Limousine of T.O. has served Conejo Valley for 20 years, doing daily runs in and around the city.

3) Gardens of the World

Nearly 5 acres botanical wonders can be discovered immediately across Thousand Oaks Boulevard from the Civic Arts Plaza. Its five regional lawns represent flora from as far as Japan and Italy. Remember to check out their Courtyard for a unique opportunity to see copies of all remaining missions in the state!

2) Wildwood Park

As the largest recreational preserve in Thousand Oaks, let’s face it, this list could not have been completed without the mentioning of this beauty. Maybe not the most common destination for Thousand Oaks limousine services, nonetheless, a natural gem known for its extensive film history, breathtaking waterfall and well-kept trails. Did you know that John Wayne shot movies here?

1) Santa Monica’s

How about going horseback-riding in the mountains? Surrounded by thousands of oak trees in Newbury Park is where we find Circle K Horse Rental. Limousines have headed here for family outings as well as weddings and special events.

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Limos in Thousand Oaks are used for a variety of purposes. While many head to Hollywood for parties, others order a Limo service for their transportation to Las Vegas. Some use limos locally, often for dining, bar-hopping, or similar activities.

Want to get out of town? American Luxury Limousine services all of Southern California, including transfers to LA, San Diego and Santa Barbara.

10 Best Restaurants in Conejo Valley! (2017 Version)

Best rated restaurants in Westlake 2017

Ever wondered what’s the best rated restaurant in town? Thousand Oaks limousine customers use our service on a daily basis, often to award-winning local eateries.

10. Stonefire Grill

3635 TO Blvd (Website)

9. Marmalade Cafe

Westlake Promenade (Website)

8. Los Agaves

30750 Russell Ranch Rd (Website)

7. Maestro’s Steakhouse

2087 TO Blvd (Website)

6. Mouthful Eatery

2626 TO Blvd (Website)

5. Brent’s Delicatessen

2799 Townsgate Rd (Website)

Brent's in Westlake

4. The Stonehaus

32039 Agoura Rd (Website)

With its European-styled dishes with comprehensive wine selection, The Stonehaus is often visited by limousines on wine tours in the Santa Monica Mountains. Rated the second-best diner in Westlake by TripAdvisor (2017), The Stonehaus is also an award-receiving business known for its romantic atmosphere.

3. Lazy Dog

172 W Hillcrest Dr. (Website)

Voted the best TO eatery by TripAdvisor in 2017, Lazy Dog is based by The Oaks in T.O. Don’t forget to have a look at their extensive cocktail menu!

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2. Old Place Restaurant

29983 Mulholland Hgwy (Website)

A longtime favorite, this rustic diner sits next-door to a superb wine-tasting room in the canyon. Over 50 wineries are found in the Santa Monica’s, most within few minutes driving from Conejo Valley. Old Place is ranked the top eatery in Agoura Hills on TripAdvisor, while it’s ranked Agoura’s second-best restaurant on Yelp.

Wine-tasting in Malibu
Cornell Winery sits next door to Old Place Restaurant.

1. Lure Fish House

30970 Russell Ranch Rd (Website)

Rated the best Westlake Village eatery on both Yelp and Trip Advisor – Lure is a must for the fancy eater. This award-winning seafood chain also operates in Santa Barbara and Ventura.

Musts in Thousand Oaks | Best of LA

Thousand Oaks Boulevard sign

Overview of Wildwood Regional Park, Mount Clef Ridge in Thousand OaksCONEJO VALLEY has never been a more happening limo destination. American Luxury Limousine serves the communities of Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Westlake Village and Agoura Hills. As Southern California’s largest limo service, our limos serve all communities throughout the Greater LA Area. While most clients in Conejo Valley use transportation services to visit LA, Hollywood and wine country, more of our local clientele decide to stay here in the Greater Thousand Oaks Area. So without further due, these are some top locations for limousines in the region.

Movie Tours

Maybe the valley’s most beloved feature, Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills is a common limousine adventure. Here you can bring your family or friends along for a day in the beautiful rolling hills of the Santa Monica’s. A variety of movies have been filmed here, and TV shows and films continues to be filmed here. The nearly 3000-acre park now features film sets and film locales from numerous TV-productions. Some productions taking place here include MacGyver, The X Files, The OC, Weeds, CSI: Las Vegas, Westworld, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, American Sniper, and so on and so forth. A full list of TV-series and films made here can be found by visiting the National Park Service. This park is visited by international visitors, Los Angeles commuters, local neighbors in Newbury Park, etc.

Wine-Tasting Tours

Wine-tasting tours to Malibu
Wine-Tastings at Twisted Oak Tavern

Let’s face it, most of our clientele head on Malibu- and Santa Ynez wine tours. But taking a limo to various wine tasting rooms in Conejo Valley is becoming a trend. Here we transfer customers to wine-tasting venues such as DeLiese Cellars, Alma Sol Winery and Triunfo Creek Vineyard. The tasting rooms in the Malibu Canyons are also fantastic, including tours to Cornell Wine-Tasting Room in the Santa Monica’s of Agoura Hills!


While Thousand Oaks may not appear as the most popular nightlife destination, Brendan’s Irish Pub in Newbury Park has become a local favorite. Many students from California Lutheran University and elsewhere reserve our limo- and party bus services in order to visit Brendan’s. Being Newbury Park’s one and only real nightclub, this bar is a happening place during weekends with its great dance floors and bar. Located adjacent to the Palm Garden Hotel, Brendan’s is one of the valley’s and Newbury Park’s most desired limo destinations.

Shopping Adventure

The Oaks

T.O., Westlake and Newbury Park may not seem like the most obvious places for shopaholics. Still, there are lots of shopping to be made here. While The Oaks Mall is one of Ventura County’s biggest, Westlake Promenade is another choice for shoppers. Shops at The Promenade are often visited by tourist limos and angelenos. Great dining can be found at The Oaks and Westlake Promenade; The Oaks is famous for its Cheesecake Factory, while Paul Martin’s American Grill is a great choice at The Promenade in Westlake Village.

Celebrity Sightseeing

Did you know Conejo Valley is home of countless stars and celebrities? While Britney Spears owns a home in T.O., Will Smith lives by our limo offices in Westlake Village. Paul Anka and Hulk Hogan are residents of Hidden Valley, while Newbury Park is home of LA Rams star Jamon Brown and NFL players Jordan- and Colby Cameron. Did you know Bob Hope owned acres of land in the valley? He has also donated a park preserve to Newbury Park, namely Hope Nature Preserve.


Limo at Canyon Club, Agoura Hills
Canyon Club in Agoura Hills

Did you know singers such as Cyndi Lauper, Paul Anka, Kris Kristoffersen and others have entertained at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills? Peter, Paul and Mary have entertained at T.O.’s Fred Kavli Theatre, along with multiple other artists. Why head to the Hollywood Bowl when you can catch a concert locally?


World Gardens

Local residents of Conejo Valley may not even know of this great botanical garden oasis. A trending Thousand Oaks limousine spot, it is situated right next to the Civic Arts Plaza and is a hidden gem of the valley. Created in the early 2000’s, the garden now brags gardens from throughout the world. France, Italy, England, Italy and Japan are just a few of the countries represented here. There are also signature copies of twenty early missions found throughout the state.

Whether you would like to stay locally, or book any other luxurious Southern California route, let American Luxury Limousine get you there! With over twenty years of experience, we are the top rated alternative for limo service in the Greater Thousand Oaks Area. Besides the original and stylish stretch limos, we also offer a variety of other luxury cars, such as party buses, sedans and SUV’s. Although based and headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, we serve all of Southern California including Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, and elsewhere.

What You Didn’t Know About Thousand Oaks | American Luxury Limousine

Limousine at The Oaks, Thousand Oaks.As a twenty year old provider of limos in the Greater Thousand Oaks Area, our limo service know the ins and outs of this beautiful city. We’ve done countless party bus rides to Cal Lutheran and LAX pickups in town. We’ve even had limousine bookings to The Oaks, Westlake Promenade, the Civic Arts Plaza, Stagecoach Inn and about any other location in Thousand Oaks and neighboring Westlake Village, Newbury Park and other nearby communities and towns. Let us present to you some facts you probably didn’t know about the Conejo Valley community.

5. Wetlands

Did you know the Newbury Park section of Thousand Oaks is home to 7 acres of wetlands? Although not a particularly popular stop for a limo service, Hill Canyon is a place well worth a visit. Adjacent to Wildwood Park, it can also be reached from the Rancho Conejo Park in Newbury Park or from Santa Rosa Valley. These wetlands are a habitat for a variety of freshwater avian life, avifauna and fish species. Amongst the species found here is the Western Pond Turtle, which also can be found throughout streams and rivers in Wildwood.

4. Concert Venue

A definitive more popular place for a limousine rental, Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza is an often overlooked venue by many. Its concert hall, Fred Kavli Theater, is a popular destination for our weekend service. This nearly 2000 seat auditorium on T.O. Boulevard is visited by over 300,000 people per year. Just a few of the artists who have performed here include Paul Anka, Tony Bennett, Tom Jones and many others.

3. County’s Largest Mall

Many locals often don’t realize just how big The Oaks is. With nearly 200 stores and restaurants, it’s actually the largest mall in all of Ventura County! Muvico, Cheesecake Factory and Red Lobster are all common limo stops.

2. Valley’s Tallest Peak

Mount Clef Ridge, Wildwood, Thousand Oaks
Mountclef Ridge as seen from Tarantula Hill

Did you know Thousand Oaks is home to the largest peak in the Conejo Valley? Located at 285 W. Gainsborough Road, Tarantula Hill is an easily accessible 1,050+ ft hill. The paved half-a-mile trail takes you up there within a 30-45 minute hike, and the panorama views of the valley is well worth the hike.

1. Native-American Pictographs

What may surprise the most locals is that Thousand Oaks is home to 2,000 year-old Chumash Native-American cave paintings. Located at the former Sapwi Chumash village, it is now on land operated and owned by the Chumash Indian Museum. Docent-lead tours to the caves are available, and many will enjoy bringing the kids to see the traditional ap’ (Chumash houses).

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So whether to explore Chumash history or head out on town by party bus, contact us at toll free 866.319.LIMO for your quote. We provide a lowest-price-guaranteed on limos, buses, sedans and SUVs in Newbury Park, Westlake Village and in Thousand Oaks, CA.